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If your home is infested with rats or being invaded by wildlife and you are looking for a highly qualified company that can deliver positive resuls; you've found the right company. A Team Services Inc. employs a team of experts that have year of experience and knowledge when it comes to unwanted pests. We from minor trapping to complete proofing, control, decontamination and clean up service we are here to serve you.

The safety and health of our customers and employees are important to us. This is why A Team Services Inc. take great pride in not using harmful highly toxic products that cause pose a health threat. Unlike many pest control companies, we believe in providing long term solutions without jeopardizing safety of your family and our crew.

Trusted and recommended throughout Southern California, A Team Services Inc. strives in providing our customers with the highest quality of service. Our experts are here to provide you with complete information and long term solutions to put an end to the problem you are having. Being a result driven team, we stand behind and guarantee our work.

If you need more information or in need of immediate assistance, please contact our office at 800-884-8323. Our experts are here to help and provide you with valuable information for any issues you are having in regards to rodent, wildlife, or attic clean up.

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We deliver the highest value to our customers as the premier Rodent and Wildlife Control experts. By taking the time to examine and investigate the problem, we are able to deliver long term results for our valued customers. Call us today at 800-884-8323 and see why A Team Services Inc. is the fastest growing rodent and wildlife control company in Southern California.

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Rodent, Wild Animal & Clean Up Experts...

Rodent control in orange county. removal of rats in my attic. how to get rid of unwanted animals from attics of a home? We are a full service company specializing in rodent removal, we will control and clean up feces that are harmful to humans. if you are looking to get rid of mice at your home, we are the pest control company that can and will help you. Rodents Exterminator, Control & Clean Up Rats or mice recognized as disease carriers which make them a health hazard to the human and animals. Rats inside can be a nuisance and cause a mess inside the attic.

Raccoon Removal in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino. We offer trapping and clean up servce. Free raccoon removal service inside the home of your  house.  Loud noises in attics of home can be very unpleasant therefore, if you want these wild animals remove please call us. Wildlife and raccoon control service from house attic. Raccoons Removal, Trapping, & Clean Up Raccoons carry a number of diseases that can be transferred to pets and humans. Raccoons are the number one carrier of rabies which can be fatal if left untreated.

Opossums are very commonly found in homes with crawl spaces. Opossums beneath mobile homes are now becoming more common for them to have babies. Removal of these wild animals can be very difficult and experts like us can help you. Opossums Removal, Trapping, & Clean Up Opossums are not native to California. Their natural habitats are diverse ranging from arid to moist but prefer environments near wetlands and streams.

Skunks removal service.  A Teams Services Inc is a full service company providing trapping and pest control service. Skunks Removal, Trapping, & Clean Up Skunk are non aggressive animal that's beneficial to control insect and rodent population. Although, if threatened skunks will spray in order to protect themselves from being harmed.

Wildlife Squirrel Removal Service. Squirrels can be cute but dont let them fool you. Squirrels Control & Clean Up Squirrels can be one of the most destructive animals that get inside homes. Often gnawing on wood, cables, wiring and any stored items these little guys can cause major damages.

Are you having unwanted birds entering your home? No problem, we specialize in getting bird nuisance entering from the chimney of your home. Birds are notorious for bringing fleas and their droppings can be very messy. Birds Removal, Trapping, & Clean Up Birds don't become a nuisance until they access the attic, or roof structures defecating on everything below. Not only their droppings are unsightly, it is also unsanitary and carry diseases.

Bat removal service | Get bats out of your home attic or barn. Our team of experts understand the hazards of having bats intruding your personal property. Get to know why we are the leading bat removal company near you. Bats Removal, Trapping, & Clean Up Bats are linked with dozens of diseases which are hazardous to humans, including histoplasmosis (a lung disease caused by the spores of fungus which grow on their droppings) and rabies.

Finding snake in the yard is not uncommon.  When dealing with rattlesnakes or garden snakes it is important to take proper pre caution.  Rattle snake are becoming common in the suburbs. Residing in gardens removal of these creatures can be very dangerous and one should not attempt to do it. Rather let a professional snake removal service company get the job done for you. Snakes Removal, Trapping, & Clean Up Of all the snakes living in North America, only the rattlesnake, copperhead, cottonmouth / water moccasin, and coral snakes are the most venemous snakes that most encounter.

If you have had rats or wildlife in your attic, you could be breathing in harmful hazardous air that can negatively affect your health.  In order to properly clean up or decontaminate your attic, it is important to removal all waste left by the animal as well as all insulation that has been contaminated.  Attics have different type of insulation depending and depending on your budget cost will vary from r30 batt or blowin in. Attic Clean Up Complete Decontamination At A-Team Rodent Control, our employees are highly trained and educated on properly decontaminating attics. We use high quality eco friendly products to ensure safety.

Prevent rats, rodents, mice, birds, raccoons, bats, and other unwated pest from entering your attic. Screening also known as proofing your home attic and crawlspace can save your money. If you have not properly covered all openings leading into your roof this is probably why you are hearing noises inside the attic. Prevention Proofing & Sealing When animals such as rodents have already have entered into your home or business. There is a high chance that they may come back again if if you fail to take proper preventative measures.

protect your home from any pestecide. We use non toxic solutions to get rid of rats and wildlife inside your home.  when dealing with a team services inc. our concern is to make certain that people living in the home is safe from any harmful chemicals. We do not use rat poison unlike may pest or rodent control companies. ECO Friendly Non Toxic We use an ECO friendly products to protect he well being of our customers and employees. A Team Services uses non toxic deterrents and solutions on all clean up services we provide.

Trapping service of wildlife in attic of a house. Get rid of wild animals in santa ana, fountain valley, costa mesa and newport beach.  We specialize in Lakewood, Long Beach, Compton providing assistance with insurance companies. decotamination of raccoon waste, trapping inside your home. Trapping Service Wild Animal Trapping If your home is being invaded by unwanted wild animals, the best solutions is to trap. Our experts have vast knowledge of properly baiting and trapping unwanted animals.

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"A Team is so expert in their work, that their name is actually well deserved. They also have much experience in working and coordinating with homeowner's insurance. We are fortunate to have found this COMPANY OF VERY SKILLED AND CONSCIENTIOUS PROFESSIONALS to work for us. "

Brian F.Customer - North Hollywood

"They took great care of my home and family, they got rid of our problem in a very careful and neat way. Our home is a very old Spanish and has a lot of small spaces above and below and these guys made sure that every inch was dealt with. I couldn't recommend these guys any higher, I can sleep well at night knowing the problem is over and all the pests are gone!"

Michael I. Customer - San Pedro

"Robert became my hero! He crawled into the tiny space below our furnace, cut away the wood board and found the dead rat body. Not only did he remove it from the hole, but also from our property. He sealed the openings with mesh and applied deodorizer, sanitizer and neutralizer."

Christine H. Customer - Yorba Linda

Rat and Wildlife Removal and Control Services

The services we provide are designed to control unwanted animals and eradicate harmful waste that is brought by these creatures. Living rats and wildlife in a home is something you don’t want because of the dangers that they could bring.

Avoid having these aggressive and hazardous animals close to your family and keep them safe by immediately taking action.

Most people don’t realize how dangerous it is having rats, rodents or wildlife living in an attic of a home. These unwanted critters have too many diseases and can bring dangers to you and your family having a deep impact on people’s health. Therefore, if your home is being invaded by these creatures, it is to your benefit that they are removed immediately to prevent any hazard contamination.

Rat and raccoons can be very dangerous and bring diseases and virus to a home.  To protect your family make certain to removal all feces they leave behing in the attic or ventilation. Inhaling the air can be very dangerous to the residence adults, children and pets.

While many people with rat and wildlife pets don't like to hear about pest control for any wildlife at home, these animals in homes can cause serious diseases and illnesses that can even be deadly to human beings. Furthermore, wild animals due it it's nature can become very agressive and can attact adults, humans or pets at any given time. When dealing with wild animals be sure to take precaution or call a wildlife specialist to assist you.

One of the most common is the Salmonellosis, which is the condition caused by the Salmonella bacteria typically found in rats and wildlife feces. This disease causes high fever, abdominal cramps, vomiting, and severe diarrhea. Therefore, it is highly suggested that if you are currently have or suspecting that there are animals living in your attic, it is imperative to take immediate action before the problem gets bigger and more costly.

A Team Services Inc.’s rat and wildlife removal services can help with the eradication of these mortal diseases and protect your family from terrible experiences. Our team of experts will make certain that when we inspect your property that we will do a through inspection to determine the entry points and the severity of the contamination. Get in touch with us today and see why our we are the leading choice for rodent and wildlife removal service in Southern Califoria.

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Wild Animal Control

Set your place free from all kinds of pests with the wildlife trapping, control and clean up services. Don’t risk the health of your family and take action to eradicate any unwanted species living in the house. A home invaded by wild animals can be a dangerous place for you and your family. Since the “wildlife” concept is very wide, hazards are abundant. From common raccoons in the attics to bats, snakes, etc., every species represents consequences when we have them living at home. Wildlife control has the objective of reducing the chances of having an unfortunate encounter. If you are suspecting that your home is being occupied by wildlife, it is crucial to take immediate acting in removing them from your home.

Clean Up and Remediation

When it comes to rats, mice and wildlife invasion of a home, it is highly recommended these animals are removed properly using the correct technique and procedure. A Team Services Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded and insured company that has over 10 years of combined experience in the industry. We believe in providing our customers with long lasting solutions and will not take any short cuts to sacrifice quality. When working with us, we pledge we will fully educate and inform you with the best solutions to put an end to your problem. Call us today at 800-884-8323 and see why we are the #1 fastest growing rodent and wildlife control company in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.